L2B Partners

We are a full-service firm and proud on being the go-to law firm for any need you may have.

Practice Areas

International Commercial Law

    • drafting and negotiation of sales, agency, distribution, franchising, service, turn-key plant supply and international transport and logistics-related agreements, as well as related documents (letters of credit, advance payment and performance bond guarantees);
    • assistance in negotiations, business internationalization processes and international tenders.

Corporate Law

    • M&A, transfer and lease of business units, due diligence;
    • small and medium-sized businesses internationalization, including through finance facilities (e.g. Simest, Finest, etc.);
    • incorporation of foreign companies, joint-ventures, business networks, drafting of related documenation such as letters of intent, shareholders’ agreements, bylaws/ articles of association;
    • corporate governance and employment agreements;
    • acquisition finance;
    • negotiation of credit facilities;
    • generational transition in family businesses, family governance;
    • restructuring and crisis management.

IT and IP LAW – Data Protection

    • technology and know-how transfer, other tools for the management, enhancement and protection of intellectual assets;
    • IT contracts for legacy (e.g. software license agreements, outsourcing, EULA) and cloud models (e.g. SaaS terms of use, infrastructure as a service), assessment of third parties’ libraries and dependencies (including FOSS – Free Open Source Software);
    • terms of use and sale terms and conditions for e-commerce websites (B2B and B2C);
    • data protection and privacy compliance, from internal procedures and policies to agreements with suppliers and other arrangements for a compliant processing of personal data. Support to product development for privacy by design compliance;
    • agreements for the development blockchain and distributed ledger tools, artificial intelligence.


    • private, commercial and administrative law disputes;
    • insolvency proceedings;
    • national and international arbitration.

Our experience

We offer cross-border services through a trusted and consolidated network of law firms located in most of countries of the world. Our “one-stop-shop” approach enables us to assist our Italian clients on all the phases of a cross-border transaction, selecting for each step the most appropriate local professional of our network while remaining the go-to contact throughout the whole transaction. L2B Partners has been developing extensive experience in assisting leading business entities in the following countries and industry sectors:


Usa & Canada
Russia - Belarus & Kazakhstan
Ethiopia & Nigeria
Brasil & South America

Industry Sectors:

Fashion & Luxury
Wine - Food & Beverage
Metal Industry
Engineering & Construction
Leather tanning & automotive
Cement & concrete
Industrial plants & machinery
Medical & Nutraceutical industry
Interior design & furniture