East European Desk

East European Desk

A Desk of professionals dedicated to the East European market

The East European markets have showed a significant growth in the last years and have a very promising potential for the Italian companies and economy.

In order to respond to the increasingly growing and more specific needs of its clients, L2B Partners has consolidated its presence in Eastern Europe by creating a Desk of professionals dedicated to providing 360° assistance in Eastern European countries.
The Desk is fully operational in the capitals and major cities of the following countries: Romania, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Poland, Belarus, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Slovakia.

The Desk has been set up to assist Italian companies and entrepreneurs wishing to approach Eastern European markets,

and offers to accompany them in the expansion and preservation of their business in these areas, providing all the necessary tools for this purpose, from the choice of local partners, to the assessment, negotiation and implementation of the most appropriate solutions for approaching the market according to their size and the targets and priorities they have set for themselves (e.g. selection and engagement of agents, distributors, local directors and specific service providers, structuring of commercial partnerships or corporate joint ventures, opening branches or representative offices, establishing subsidiaries, etc.).

At the same time, the Desk provides specular assistance to Eastern European companies wishing to enter the Italian market.

The Desk operates through a network of trusted and experienced local professionals and is coordinated by the Vicenza-based L2B Partners team, led by the Junior Partner Viorica Efros, which accompanies clients step-by-step to ensure that their needs are properly understood, met and transformed into reality in the individual jurisdictions of interest.
L2B Partners assures its clients a modular management of each matter by selecting the most suitable partners for the specific case in order to guarantee the most effective and efficient result from the perspective of the deadlines, costs, specific expertise necessary to address the legal and business issues involved, as well as the quality of services rendered to the clients.


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  • Assistance in negotiations with potential partners, customers and local suppliers
  • Drafting and revision of commercial contracts (agency, distribution, supply, license, franchise, tenders, etc.)
  • Trademarks, Patents, Intellectual Property, Know How
  • Opening/closing representative offices and branches
  • Establishment/Liquidation/Restructuring of local subsidiaries
  • Identification and selection of local partners (reliability and solvency due diligence checks)
  • Credit recovery
  • M&A Transactions (mergers, demergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, etc.)
  • Management of local subsidiaries and affiliates (drafting of Shareholders’ Agreements; preparation and revision of corporate governance models; negotiation of commercial leases; personnel hiring and management; immigration and business visas; corporate book keeping and company secretary services; opening of bank accounts, request/renewal of permits and business licenses, etc.)
  • Identification of local service providers (local directors, secretary offices, accountants and tax consultants, IT services, freight forwarders and customs & import/export services)


  • International Trade
  • Corporate
  • Litigation & Arbitration
  • M&A
  • Construction
  • Industrial
  • Real Estate
  • Fashion, Furniture & Design
  • Food & Wine
  • IT & IP
  • Immigration
  • Energy
  • Customs


Viorica Efros

Junior Partner